The Club (XBOX360)

Minggu, 19 Desember 2010

REL Date: 04/02/08
Platform: XBOX360
Game Type: Action
Release Type: Full DVD
Image Format: ISO
Language: Englisch
DL File Size: 6.93 GB
Over time, traditional entertainment bored. Usual pleasures of life no longer cause excitement, and the days become a boring another. Ordinary people have little to change the dreary everyday life, but if you - a millionaire who has the same rich friends, then before you swing open unprecedented horizons. For example, you can arrange your own gladiatorial battles: the battle with the most modern weapons, insane parties, and the only ancient rule: survival of the fittest. The creators of the legendary racing series Project Gotham Racing represent a new generation of fighter - The Club. Join the club and become one of the madmen who are ready to risk their lives in a deadly massacre. There you will find a hurricane fire, destructible environments, huge arsenal, exciting plot and vivid, memorable characters with a difficult destiny.

Forbidden sport. You will fight to survive in the bloody sports show, hosted by a mysterious, incredibly wealthy and influential elite of society. That its representatives make bets and receive income from a brutal war.

Get ranks. Climb the ladder and become a champion. In the role of one of the eight participants you have to overcome five tournaments: Standard Mode, Time Attack, Survivor, Siege and Run the Gauntlet.

Club - an opportunity to become famous! Statistics of collective game is constantly changing. In your power to break into the top lines of the table leaders, or even to lead it!

Many unique arenas. Competitions are held around the globe. As an advocate war-torn arenas of the city, abandoned factories, and even more exotic territory.

The incredible spectacle. The camera does not miss the slightest movement of the character - any jogging between houses accompanied by the release of adrenaline, and in the melee of passion heat up to the limit.

Destroy this world! During shooting, you can damage any building or object. But it turned out empty, you can easily turn into a weapon of any improvised litter.

Points are more valuable than money. Participants compete with each other until the last drop of blood to get precious points. They can spend to acquire new weapons, familiarity with the previously inaccessible to the characters and the purchase of additional arenas.

A huge arsenal. Select a tool to kill the taste. It offers seventeen types of weapons, including machine guns, sniper rifles, large caliber pistols and machine guns.

The sophisticated story. Each of the characters - their own destiny, purpose and motive for joining the club. Choose one of eight characters, draw it through all the tournaments and learn his secrets!

The Club XBOX360-ACE 

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