Poker Night at the Inventory Update 1 Read Nfo-SKIDROW

Selasa, 14 Desember 2010

Poker Night at the Inventory Update 1 Read Nfo-SKIDROW 
 Developer: Telltale Games | Release Date: 22 Nov 2010 | Languages: English 
 Genre: Casual, Sports | Size:  153.39MB 

Group SKIDROW brings you first update for Poker Night at the Inventory. Attention: Read NFO!
Poker Night at the Inventory Update 1 Read Nfo-SKIDROW

Poker Night at the Inventory Update 1 Read Nfo-SKIDROW

Poker Night at the Inventory Update 1 Read Nfo-SKIDROW

This update contains: Several Compatibility Fixes & Poker & Gameplay Fixes ; read more about them Have Fun :)
Updates to Poker Night at the Inventory have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

Compatibility Fixes

    * Anti-aliasing quality control added to Graphics Settings screen.
    * Improved compatibility with Shader Model 2.0 graphics cards.
    * Fixed cases of invisible and garbled text on the title screen and settings screen on some systems.
    * Some lower end video cards which formerly just drew a black screen should now display the game.

Poker & Gameplay Fixes

* At the end of a hand, winners of the main pot and any side pots all announced individually. (Previously, only the winner of the biggest pot was announced.)
 * Each round, the minimum raise starts at the big blind until someone raises, after which the minimum raise is the amount of that last raise.
* In heads up (one on one) play, the dealer is now the small blind and first to act pre-flop.
* If a someone folds and is part of a side pot, and after the fold only one person remains in the sidepot, the sidepot gets cleared and paid out to that one remaining person.
* The tutorial now automatically comes up once, the first time the game is played. It is still also available on-demand from the Poker Help screen.
* Players who have a straight flush, four of a kind, full house, flush or straight will now get the appropriate hand achievement even if everyone else folds to them in that hand.
* Fixed issue causing character tells to rarely play.
* Fixed issue causing only one of the player's hole cards to display when skipping dialog.
* Improved readability/consistency on the unlockable Strong Bad card deck.


    * Two new poker tables available on the Unlocks screen: “Poker Night,” and “Inventory Security”

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