Pound of Ground v1.0 *UPD 1*(PC/2010/MULTI2)

Selasa, 14 Desember 2010

Pound of Ground v1.0 *UPD 1*(PC/2010/MULTI2)
Language: Eng, Cz | PC | Developed: Centauri Production | Published: Bohemia Interactive | 1.26 GB
Genre: First-Person / Shooter

John Mayer, the main hero of the game lives a careless life of an upstart in his native town - Snake City. Seemingly, he doesn't lack anything, but the truth is that his dissolute and largely irresponsible lifestyle earned him very little respect from the local inhabitants, despite his huge fortune. Even the object of his amorous desires, pretty, devoted and sarcastic woman resists his undeniable charm and thick wallet (don't forget: it's still only a game!). For these reasons, even an experienced person would have a hard time deciding whether the hero's glass of satisfaction is half full or half empty.
Unfortunately, the events start rolling fast and there is no time to deal with personal trouble. Professor Hoffman Vangele, a respected authority in a lot of complicated scientific areas and frequent, and we should add unsuccesful, visitor of patent office ('I'm sorry, Mr Vangele, Mr Tesla has just been here with this'), decided to leave a permanent and indubitable trace of himself. This decision results in the city that is filled with bloodthirsty zombies, strangely mutated professor's lackeys that terrorize decent inhabitants, and the federal government which doesn't know what to do with the increasing problem.

The title Pound of Ground is really fitting. Don't expect to find too much correctness, don't look for anything academic: the main hero is in real trouble and that can only be countered with rough, uncompromising, strong action.
The game combines action elements - a wide range of advanced weapons, fights with various bosses and spectacular, endless battles with the crowds of the undead - with a gripping story full of unexpected disclosures and peculiar characters. It's quite a thing to cruise the streets of Snake City and its surroundings in your supervehicle, that you tuned yourself, which slightly tips the scales in favour of your survival.


Pound of Ground v1.0 *UPD 1*(PC/2010/MULTI2)

Pound of Ground v1.0 *UPD 1*(PC/2010/MULTI2)

Pound of Ground v1.0 *UPD 1*(PC/2010/MULTI2)

• a well-written story full of turns of events; it's mainly about putting things right, about love and ultimately about saving the whole city
• duels with variously designed bosses, but also with the crowds of undead enemies
• scenes from 'behind the shut curtain' that add flavour and humour to the story
• a number of different tasks ensures extended and variegated playability

- Added controls remapping
- Fixed bugs in vendor machine system
- Fixed main menu visual bug when very low visibility distance was set
- Fixed some quest and savegame issues
- Fixed progress bar for Make It Count achievement
- Plus resolved few other minor issues

System requirements:
• Windows XP/Vista/7
• DirectX 9c
• 2 GHz
• 2 GB RAM

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