The Witch and the Warrior v1.10 (2010/PC/ENG)-TE

Rabu, 15 Desember 2010

The Witch and the Warrior v1.10 (2010/PC/ENG)-TE | 92.01 Mb (579 Mb)

Ember dreams of leaving her little island and going to Marnethia – a college town founded by the Queen and dedicated to the specialist education of all young people in magic and fighting or whatever their skill may be. A place where she could mix with so many types of people and learn new skills along the way.

Places at Marnethia don't come cheap though and Ember's family struggle to get by so can there really be any hope?

Join in the tale of this young witch as she makes choices that are both good and bad, selfish and not as she discovers a whole new side to the world she grew up on. With friends to meet and many adventures to be had, an unlikely friendship is about to become of huge importance.

Technical Information

Download Size: 91 MB
Operating System:Windows 98+
RAM: 256 MB

The Witch and the Warrior v1.10 (2010/PC/ENG)-TE

Platform: PC
Language: English
License: Cracked
Size: 92.01 Mb (579 Mb)


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